Massive tech conflict with Chinese technology firms


On: Sep 2020

As per the recently released news, the war of the president of the United States of America Donald Trump on a bunch of technology companies of China has currently changed the key rules as well as regulations for the worldwide businesses, alongside underlining a brand-new political reality that could have negative impacts for American businesses. The move of White House against the famous Chinese-owned applications TikTok and WeChat and the difficult sanctions to technology giant Huawei focus the struggle for technology dominance between the two economic giants, under the concern of national security.

The economic relationship has been churning by an unmatched campaign by Donald Trump that has involved tariffs, problems of bans as well as economic permissions on tech companies of China. The US and China Business Council, Doug Barry said that at the heart of it is a difficulty to influence emerging technologies. The nation that wins will identify large economic as well as geopolitical advantages.

But numerous analysts blame that actions of the US president could hamper the United States technology sector and other American businesses by motivating China and other nations to respond in kind. The move of president on TikTok and other Chinese companies are creating confidence in American businesses as well as its leadership stated by Darrell West, who is chief of the Center for Technology Innovation of Brookings Institution. 

He further added that there was extremely tiny progress that merged with the executive of the Chinese-owned applications executive order and meanwhile, the firm’s enforced sales to the US investors settle down an improper precedent for other nations. It will be expected to stimulate them to fight back against American companies and demand funds for the capability to work within their two borders.