JAC Motors recollects defective trucks over protection worries


On: Jan 2020

The carmaker of China Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corporation Ltd i.e JAC Motors is recollecting 150 of its X5 trucks over protective concerns, as per the reports. Beginning from 18th of January 18, JAC Motors started recalling specific Kangling X5 trucks implemented between 10th of July and 18th of August, previous year because a seat belt size failed to meet the quality worth of GB14166-2013 as a loose mould in the implementation.

In extreme situations, it may lead to the breakage of the buckle, thus presenting problems to the protection of passengers. According to the administration, the Anhui-located automaker will observe these vehicles and restore problematic parts for free.

The authority of China has issued a survey into JAC on whether it was utilizing unlicensed pollution control devices on its truck engines, in the first ever such type of analysis by Beijing into a key Chinese automaker. The Ecological Environment committee of Beijing declared the survey on Sunday, and meanwhile, JAC told that it would comply with the survey. The main purpose of this investigation is to check whether the truck vendors used unreliable pollution control devices and acquired vehicles that discharged emission standards.

Reportedly, the survey was regarding some of its light truck materials, but the authority denied to share more information about the model or the engine supplier name. China has discovered a bunch of campaigns to make the biggest auto cleaner of nation, such as providing acceptable subsidies to new energy vehicles and moreover, setting harsh emission standards for vehicles as well as trucks through combustion engines. China has also expected to take legal action against greatly-polluting diesel trucks by introducing harsh fuel and engine standards.