China Q3 GDP increases to 6%, shows lower growth in three decades


On: Oct 2019

The economic growth of China reduced over 6.0 percent annually in the 3rd quarter which is registered as the slowest pace in almost three years, that ultimately damaged by the soft factory production amid ongoing China-USA trade war as well as weakest demand in the mainland.

According to the recently reported data, lack of momentum for the economic growth from Q2’s 6.2 percent, increasing expectations that Beijing requires to start extra measures to cut a sharper downturn. While, the performance of the 3rd quarter was also at the bottom line of the Chinese governments full-year target of economic growth that recorded from 6.0 percent to 6.5 percent.

Analysts said that the predicted gross domestic product (GDP) to rose around 6.1 percent yearly in the quarter of July to September. Reportedly, the investors and trading partners of China are closely observing the health of the second-largest economy of the globe due to the trade conflict with the United States of America raises fears about a worldwide recession.

An economist at UOB, Singapore, Ho Woei Chen stated that, we have still observed a huge uncertainty related to the Sino-China trade deal. And, the 15th December tariffs will have extremely important notification for the economy growth of China in the year 2020. The perspective of Beijing has been measured and analyzed too.”

Data in recent months has highlighted slower demand for Chinese products at homeland and abroad. But, the result is expected to change for the better growth any time soon even though a concerns in the extended trade spat between Beijing and Washington have relieved somewhat. The president of the United States of America president Donald Trump said last week that the two nations had reached deal on the 1st phase of an agreement and eliminated a tariff hike, but some officials stated much work still required to be done.